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Using the Power of Data to 

Educate All Learners

We provide services to school systems, schools, and educators with an overall goal of increasing the use of data-informed systems and practices to increase outcomes for diverse learners.




Increasing outcomes for diverse learners through multiple levers

We believe that school systems and educators can use data in a variety of ways to ensure better outcomes for all students.  This may come in the form of strategic planning, research training, or program evaluation. 

Strategic Planning

We will help you and your team identify program goals and the interventions and resources needed to reach those goals.

Research Training

Make your school staff into a team of researchers who conduct their own action research.

Program Evaluation

Determine if programs, small and large, are effectively reaching the desired outcomes along with how to improve program implementation. 

Each of these services are intended to be individualized for your specific context and needs.

Datability Matters

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Male Teacher with Students


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About Us

Sivan Tuchman
Founder - Consultant
Our Mission

A huge portion of a special educator’s day goes into preparing for and writing IEPs, and there isn’t nearly enough time to collect good data and analyze it to make the best decisions for IEPs as well as just for everyday practice. Data informed instruction is one of the most powerful practices schools and educators can wield. General and special educators need far more support in:

  1. Good data collection

  2. Critical data analysis

  3. Actionable strategies to respond


Your organization may or may not have someone who already manages data, you may or may not have someone who does data analysis, and you likely have instructional coaches. But do you have someone who does all of this for your special education team, and does that person have deep knowledge about special education, IEPs, and students with disabilities?

Sivan was a special education teacher for 8 years in both northern and southern California and holds an education specialist credential. She has experiences teaching in the public, charter, and non-public sectors. Sivan earned her PhD in education policy from the University of Arkansas. She spent 4 years as a research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Her education, teaching experience, and research skills make her adept at supporting education institutions in improving outcomes for students with disability through the strategic use of data. Unlike the average consultant, Sivan brings deep knowledge of special education to help you target the unique needs of this student group.


Our Clients

Washington State Charter Schools Association
Marshall Street
SUNY Charter School Institute
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
Luminary Labs
Edunomics Lab
ASK Academy
Confident Female Teacher
Music Class

I so appreciate Sivan’s collaborative, thoughtful, and proactive approach to data consultation. Bringing her expertise in education sectors across the country and in complex subject matters like student funding formulas and special education, she is always willing to make informed recommendations, dive deep on feedback, and pivot when needed. 

- Rekha Bhatt

Senior VP, Programs 

Washington State Charter Schools Assoc.

Sivan asks such GREAT questions and provides keen observations and analysis that strengthens our work.  From the first phase of our Active Ingredients development and implementation, Sivan made us smarter, stronger and set us up for greater success in the second phase of our project.

- Susie Miller Carello

Executive Director

SUNY Charter School Institute

Given Dr. Tuchman’s diverse and unique experiences, she is exceptional at facilitating discussions amongst stakeholders to reach consensus and propose realistic solutions. 

- Dr. Alexandra Boyd


The ASK Academy


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